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Who We are

The ACCESS INDONESIA team has a wealth of experience in a variety of industries such as media, public relation, advertising, digital network, event organize, talent organizer, merchandise and workshop production.
But we all share the same bold approach on how to accelerate and activate the inactive things. We love to generate anything that can bring everything.

And we can serve you a full ACCESS
to approach your consumer
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Trackable Process Quality

•Flow Activity
•Assets Control

Feel no hesitate anymore, your brand activity will organized with trustworthy management. And you can always ACCESS its current progress anytime

Brand Activation

Our basic concept is activating the brand and moving it higher in their mind

Research based
strategic plan
Engagement activity
Launch or rejuvenating
brand identity
Reliable result
and reporting
event scale
B2B marketing


Regular usage

Strong identity

Our philosophy

Consumer is King

Every consumer has its own need. We are here to help you ACCESS and discover what your customers like and need

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